How you can help

The best for you to support Zahra Charity is to help the Moulay Ali Institute for Rehabilitation (MAIR) succeed in its mission: treat a maximum of Moroccan patients with neurological conditions and ensure they achieve maximal recovery possible.

We would appreciate you doing some the following:

  • Donate to Zahra Charity. You can send your donation to Zahra Charity, P.O. Box 1594, 200 South 230 West, Salt Lake City, State of Utah, 84110. See contact webpage for additional information
  • Help promote the mission of Zahra Charity and its MAIR facility, e.g., in social media, medical/scientific conferences, organizations and agencies, local communities and family members etc…
  • Contribute in kind, e.g., used medical equipment, medical supplies, medical and non-medical know-how/expertise.