Mission statement of the Zahra Charity

The Zahra Charity (ZC) is the first and only American 501©(3)non-profit health and education organization dedicated to the advancement of the science of neuro-rehabilitation in Morocco, Africa. The primary goal is to start and grow the first American-inspired neuro-rehabilitation facility in the country: The Moulay Ali Institute for Rehabilitation, MAIR. The beneficiary patient population will include, but not limited to: patients with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, stoke, children with cerebral palsy in addition to several other neurological conditions and diseases.

As part of its mission, ZC will have short term and long-term goals:

Short Term Goals:

  1. ZC will work to encourage hospitals, clinics and other medical and non-medical institutions in the United States to donate new and used medical equipment that will serve the purpose of providing neuro-rehabilitation to needy patients in Morocco.
  2. Finance the start and ongoing operations of the Moulay Ali Institute for Rehabilitation (MAIR), a first institution of its kind in that country, using funds collected mainly in the United States. ZC board members and its executives will plan and supervise all operations including every day-to-day business of MAIR.
  3. ZC will coordinate continuous efforts to ship collected used medical equipment to Morocco where they will be used locally as part of MAIR mission. ZC will also coordinate training of Moroccan medical staff in the United States as well as support exchange of medical technologies between Morocco and the United States. ZC will strongly sponsor U.S. Medical personnel willing to volunteer their time and support MAIR operations.
  4. ZC will solicit and receive gifts and contributions on behalf of its MAIR facility. An all-American, 12-member board of community leaders (board members) will solicit funds from a variety of sources for the benefit of MAIR in Morocco as well as operation costs for ZC in the United States and Morocco. In the long term, funds solicitation organized on behalf of ZC both in Morocco as well as Europe will be considered.

Long Term Goals:

  1. ZC will focus all its efforts toward making MAIR a premier medical institution dedicated to providing the best neuro-rehabilitation program to as many Moroccan patients as possible. In order to accomplish this mission, ZC will tap into the great generosity of the American people and the U.S. medical institutions.
  2. ZC will build on future success of initial MAIR by supporting the funding of additional MAIR branches across Morocco.
  3. ZC will also push to establish an American-inspired medical education program, in concert with some U.S. medical and education institutions, which will be designed to train new neuro-rehabilitation specialists locally.
  4. ZC will push to establish MAIR as a premier destination for patients seeking neuro-rehabilitation from all over Morocco, Northern Africa and Southern Europe.
  5. ZC will push to establish itself as a tool to further strong and lasting cooperation between the peoples of the United States and Morocco in general, and specifically for the benefit of patients in need of neuro-rehabilitation services

In 2014, Zahra Charity secured a 40ft container of medical equipment that to the generosity of Salt Lake Rotary Club. This first shipment of equipment was to start MAIR clinic operations on September 1st, 2015.

The Zahra Charity is working on expanding the current 2800sf MAIR facility into a 20,000sf building. The long-term goal for ZC is to establish a 10 hectars medical campus where a 90,000sf MAIR phase-II facility will be the main institution. This photo shows architectural rendering of future MAIR phase-II to be established in Marrakech city, Morocco.