What we do

The Zahra Charity is an American 501-C3 non-profit based in Salt Lake City, State of Utah. The purpose of Zahra Charity is establishing an innovative neuro-rehabilitation facility in Marrakech city, Morocco: The Moulay Ali Institute for Rehabilitation, MAIR. All MAIR operations and services will be based on the American model for neurological rehabilitation.

Most Moroccan patients with neurological conditions do not have access to adequate therapies and Morocco does not have educational/medical training programs in the neuro-rehabilitation specialty.

Zahra Charity and its supporters in the United States and Morocco will fund the training of Moroccan therapists and MAIR operations and expenses until this project become financially self-sustaining.

Zahra Charity will also make sure that the MAIR facility deliver the best neuro-rehabilitation services with best therapy outcome possible to all patients. Zahra Charity will also make sure that MAIR staff will establish a tradition of innovation and excellence in clinical neuroscience and neuro-rehabilitation in Morocco and Africa.